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building scalable therapeutics platform with mitochondrial genome editors

Spun out of Harvard and MIT in 2020, MitoLab is leveraging the founding team's broad domain expertise in DNA writing & genome engineering, synthetic gene circuit design, and bacterial & viral engineering to build a scalable platform for mitochondrial genome engineering.

Using our technology, we can enable mitochondrial genome editing to address mitochondrial genetic diseases. 

There are at least 93 mitochondrial genetic disorders affecting 1 in 5000 people. All of these are incurable at the moment; they often lead to death or permanent disabilities (e.g., blindness, muscle atrophy). Current Standard of Care is limited to treatments that are highly ineffective or still in development.

Our Team

Hey! We're currently hiring. Currently, our open positions are:


Genome Engineer

Synthetic Biologist

Please apply through the link by May 30th. 

For further inquiries, contact us at 

Interested in joining our team??

We're hiring! Our open positions are:


Genome Engineer

Synthetic Biologist

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Cambridge, MA

Hello! Please excuse our appearance as we are going through a makeover. For any inquiries, email

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